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Donate to show your support for Tom Shaw

Donate to show your support for Tom Shaw

Thank you

Your support means everything to me as I embark on this new endeavour to support you. I am your agent of change and voice of reason. Our beautiful city deserves better. You deserve better!

I invite you to show your support through a $5 donation or more as you can afford.

Warm regards,

Tom Shaw 

Note: You will receive confirmation of your donation via email. Maximum contributions of $5,000 allowed per person/organization. Anonymous donations cannot be accepted.

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A contribution is something given to a candidate to support their campaign. This could be money, use of property or a service.

Before the campaign period

  • Aspiring candidates can collect contributions before the campaign period.
  • The total of these contributions cannot exceed $5,000 per year.

During the campaign period

  • Only candidates can receive contributions during the campaign period.
  • Only individuals who live in Alberta can contribute to a candidate’s campaign. Corporations, unincorporated organizations, employee organizations and trade unions are prohibited from making contributions. 
  • Candidates must not accept anonymous contributions.
  • The Government of Alberta sets limits on the amount that can be contributed to a candidate’s campaign.
  • Individuals can contribute up to $5,000 in total to a candidate’s campaign during the campaign period.
  • Individuals can contribute to as many candidate’s campaigns as they choose. 
  • Candidates can self-fund their campaigns. Those contributions can not exceed $10,000 during the campaign period.

Source: City of Edmonton