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We deserve value for our taxes

Is it a culture of not realizing that each penny spent is derived off the backs of our working community?  Are some of the major projects we create untimely, planned poorly, process overridden, or entirely too expensive?  I favour building a progressive and attractive City, but not at the expense of regular maintenance, core services and care. 

Implementation and timing seem to be a serious challenge with the City.  There are some really great ideas and initiatives being created to make our City attractive, safe, progressive and livable, but there is a rightful perception that the implementation lacks forethought and planning.  This is what I intend to delve into and evaluate for success.

Instead of blanket policies and reactive mentalities, or untimely expensive “pet” projects, we need to work closer with our communities and determine the right needs at the right times for who we serve.

I continually talk about the way we implement our initiatives.  Whether they be social programs, major projects, maintenance, or in city promotion - we need to ensure viability of our programs before we spend, be fiscally responsible in our action, and continually monitour the result to ensure what we’re doing is working and adding value.  We need our house in order, we need to listen, and act on the challenges and concerns from our residents - only then can we move forward successfully.

The quality of our streets, sidewalks, parks and boulevards directly relate to our community pride. We feel the frustration in the value of our tax dollars when we are forced to mow our own parks and open spaces, when we have to beautify our streets through our own expense and labour, and in seeing the quality of restorations; so building efficiencies, relationships, and understanding in our administration will lead us down a path prosperity and pride.

The administration is full of folks that are genuinely there to serve the community and they take pride in what they’ve built, so we can rely on our internal team, but we do need to look at the structure and our operations.

We have front line staff that have the knowledge, have a view from the street level, know what efficiencies can be created, so we need to tap into this base collectively as team.

There’s been talk of a lack of accountability and an over abundance of middle management, things that contribute to inefficiencies, redundancy, confusion, and significant reduction in value. We need to have a detail orientated evaluate of the situation - by the numbers - and ensure the contributions provided, the processes, and operations are in fact adding value to each of us.  One of my first initiatives would be to take a look at the whole machine and see how Council can help create a Lean, productive, value-based environment. 

We have a lot of good people working in the administration, so let’s see what we can do to help them succeed to a common goal of City pride and promotion.

Concerns - Value

We need to have a detailed evaluation—by the numbers—of the costly and inefficient challenges we face, to ensure the contributions, processes, and operations provided are in fact adding value.

Some of my first initiatives would be to take a look at the whole machine and see how Council can help.

Let's talk about how we can do this.

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