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We can make progress

We are a winter City, so why are we not leaders and innovators in how we manage winter maintenance?  Where is our expansion of innovation, why are our costs continually rising?  Why can’t we get this right?  Is it complacency, do we need a new look?  Yes!  I’ll strive to get this right, finally, and I can do that with your input and in relaying the reality of needs to the key players.

We stop cutting our grass or maintaining our parks to save a few dollars, all savings that are eradicated when it gets to a point of being “forced” to restore our beautiful City.  The thought process in many considerations is reactive.  I intend to promote an environment of foresight through realistic and intuitive planning, clear communication, and risk mitigation.

My efforts would be to continually work with our communities (People, Industry, and Commerce) to be informed of collective concerns and to increase meaningful engagement.  Some of us feel that current engagement is limited and, in most cases, do not result in actions brought forth by our concerns.  Our communities are the front-liners who can generate information from the masses, with a real concentration on the needs of each and every community.  Building these stronger relationships can aid in information dissemination, in spearheading initiatives, and in generating meaningful, honest and result driven involvement.

Government red tape is also a huge concern.  This doesn’t entirely mean the process or the people are flawed, by any means, but there has to be a real look at the nature of how each project is considered in a unique, expeditious, and beneficial way.

Red tape reduction is not just a concept spewed as rhetoric, it can be implemented through review of existing processes and systems, constant monitoring of our progressive initiatives, and advanced under a pragmatic and realistic lens.  This again is my strong suite to bring the appropriate people together, from all sides of the table, and to evaluate success, all to implement real change.

These efforts and many others will have meaningful changes to stimulate the economy, create jobs, create an environment of financial stability, and reduce our property tax load.

All of my end goals are to have Karhiio and the City become revitalized, energetic, and attractive.  All combined, the city will become a hub of activity, become economically thriving, and have services provided that we all expect and deserve for our pride in community.

Concerns - Progress

I am all about building a progressive and attractive City, but not at the expense of regular maintenance and care.

We need our house in order, build our pride back, and then move forward.

Let's talk about how we can do this.

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