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Our Karhiio and Our City

I'm all about bringing people together, engaging, collaborating, listening, progressing.

There are consistent concerns communicated within each of our communities, some are about crime, some are related to infrastructure, and others are finances.  These are concerns I see and hear, concerns that need to be remedied.

Project implementation and timing are a serious challenge with the City of Edmonton.  Building a progressive City is certainly a goal, but it needs to be livable, attractive and provide residents with consistent value in service.

My efforts would be to continually work with the communities I serve so I’m informed of collective concerns and for increased meaningful engagement.  Communities are the front-line and will drive my involvement.

All of my goals are to have Karhiio revitalized, energetic, and more attractive.  Building our community will contribute to the City becoming a hub of activity, economically thriving, and one that provides consistent value in service that we all expect and deserve for our pride in community.

Although complex challenges, these can be resolved with advocacy and leadership.  I’ve done it in the past and I’ll continue to do it.

Right now, I want to hear from you -- the residents of Ward Karhiio.  Tell me your thoughts on some of the issues below that I believe need to be addressed.  Let me know what you love about our Ward and what needs improvement.

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Let's talk about how we can do this.