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We can stimulate our economy

I’m in the same boat as you.  Increases to our pay are non-existent, some with pay decreases, jobs are scarce, and everything from food to property taxes continually rise.  The City can’t solve major economic issues like the Federal Government, but we can reduce our property taxes, encourage development, and invigorate our manufacturing base, all to put money back into our pockets and ultimately the economy.

We can encourage collaboration with our regional partners and Province, evaluate viable new sectors and promote their expansion, and focus on our educational partners to bring talent and growth.  I’m a collaborator and relationship builder, I do it successfully with my community and in my career, and I’ll continue to do it in this role.

We can provide financial incentives for many different considerations.  When it comes to say the environment, and I’m not referring to an e-bike subsidy, I’m talking about real impactful changes through our own means like with renovations to our homes (insulation, Mech, Elec upgrades).  The less expensive it is to increase the level of our own upgrades, the more we do.  Building pride in our properties and neighbourhoods add benefit to our fight against climate change, aids in crime prevention, is better for our manufacturing base, the suppliers of our materials, and increases the labour force for various services.

We can make it easier on our industrial and commercial community leaders to bring those builds and operations back into our city.  Instead of expecting these owners to take on the financial burden of major infrastructure improvements, or in exponential charges to complete advancements, expansions, or licensing, we can find ways to help financially and through processes to make growth attractive within our City.

Edmonton must do its part to reduce our taxes, encourage development, promote ourselves through action as a business hub, and invigorate our communities.  Efficiencies can be sought in our administration and operations through the reduction of process overridden policies, we can concentrate on what we as an organization can do to simplify and expedite business needs, procurement practices can be evaluated to generate more value from our vendors/contractors, and we can promote and support our local industries and businesses giving them, and us, a chance to prosper.

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The City must do its part to reduce our property taxes, encourage development, and invigorate our communities, all to put money back into our pockets and then back into the economy.

Let's talk about how we can do this.

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