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About Tom

Relationships are at the core of success and these are what I build. 

Why City Council?

I've lived in Karhiio my entire life—and have no intention of changing that.  I have the same concerns about our communities and City as you do—because I am you. I understand people, our environment, culture, challenges, and advantages.

My strength is bringing people together through engagement and relationship building. My experience in a variety of roles has given me the ability to achieve intense operational goals involving project life cycle development. I'm skilled at consistently delivering positive results to complex challenges in communities.

I am committed to successfully continuing as your representative and advocate, but most importantly as your friend and neighbour. -Tom Shaw

Why City Council?

How long has Tom been a resident of Karhiio?

From the age of two I grew up in Lakewood. When I moved out of my parents’ home with Kimberly, we lived by the Grey Nuns for three years.  In 2007 we moved to Knottwood, purchasing my wife’s childhood home.  Loving the community, we renovated for a few years and have proudly created our forever home.

About Tom - How long has Tom been a resident of Karhiio?

Why does Tom choose to volunteer with the Community League and why does he dedicate his time?

It started with volunteering to see how I could help the Community League Board in their hopes of building a new Community League Centre.  This then turned into my becoming the President.

At the heart of it all is that I just really like to help in any way I can.  Over the years we’ve built a great Board and continue our neighbourhood revitalization initiatives. Of course I'm very excited to lead the team that raised $2.5M for building our new Centre.

I take a lot of pride in my neighbourhood and want to be a part of making it the best we possibly can.  I’ve spent a lot of time in my yard gardening and landscaping, which has been a great way to engage others and build strong relationships.  Being on the Board has allowed for even greater outreach to many others in our communities.

About Tom - Why volunteer?

What does Tom do as a career?

I am a Project Manager within Capital Management at Alberta Health Services with over a decade of experience managing many different projects of varying budgets, complexities, and constraint.  Bringing together and leading multi-faceted teams within intensive levels of the health care industry has given me the expertise to manage a wide range of projects and people—from conception and initiation, to budgeting, scoping and procurement, design collaboration, and construction execution, to completion and operations.

What does Tom as a career?

What is Tom's favourite part of living in Karhiio?

I love the people and the environment.  Everyone is accepting, approachable and tend to welcome conversations.  I’ve built lifelong friendships and am able to provide my kids with the same sort of neighbourhood experience that I remember growing up in.  Bikes on lawns, kids coming to doors unannounced asking to play, groups of kids walking together to schools that I attended, backyard fires with several neighbourhood families, and periodic garage “meetings”—all part of our community experience.

I am an avid gardener and enjoy renovations, so the large lots and mature landscapes, and the fact that so many take pride in our community, really fit what I wanted for my family.

What is Tom's favourite part of living in Karhiio?

What does Tom like to do for fun?

I’ve always enjoyed playing volleyball, baseball and Texas Holdem.  I gained a green thumb from my Mother, so gardening has always been a passion—and of course spending time with my family in the community we love.  I’ve also grown to love carpentry, and am constantly coming up with new renovation projects for our home and yard. - What do I do for fun?